Firefly Aerospace

малые ракеты



Интересные ребята. С ходу не нашел про них на форуме ничего.
Корни отчасти Днепропетровские. В 2018 году открыт некий R&D центр Днипро в Днепропетровске, но про его деятельность что-то молчок.

About - Firefly Aerospace

Firefly Aerospace Inc. (“Firefly”), headquartered in Austin, TX, is committed to providing economical and convenient access to space for small payloads through the design, manufacture and operation of reliable launch vehicles. The Firefly team addresses the market's need for flexible access to space with a “simplest/soonest” approach to technology selection. Firefly launch vehicles embody the insights of a diverse design team and leverage commercial off–the–shelf (COTS) components, manufactured by suppliers across the United States, to reduce risk, maximize reliability and minimize development time. //  Дальше — firefly.com

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