Russia celebrates successful launch of a new Proton-M missile

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A major milestone in Russia's space industry have been achieved today when a heavy-class modernized carrier rocket "Proton-M" with accelerating block "Boeez-M" blasted off from Baikonur cosmodrome at 7:47 Moscow time, saturday.

New missile possesses improved energetic and ecological qualities compared to base Proton model. Both new missile and the accelerating block have been built by Khrunichev Space Centre. 
According to media-service of the Russian Flight Control Centre, new missile featuring greater payload capabilities
delivered "Ekran-M" telecommunications satellite  to the
geostationary orbit, which will ensure direct retranslation of TV channels to Siberia and Far Eastern parts of Russia.

The new "Proton-M" missile is capable of delivering heaviest
objects to space of up to 6.8 tons in weight which was previously impossible to accomplish. If need arises, Proton-M may also deliver multiple satellites to various orbits depending on customer's preference.

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