IAI's LAHAV Combat Aircraft Division displays upgraded aircraft C-130

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IAI's LAHAV Combat Aircraft Division displays upgraded aircraft

22 June 2001

Israel Aircraft Industries' LAHAV Combat Aircraft Division has developed upgrade two packages for aircraft originally produced in the United States and Russia, a C-130 and an MI-17, both of which are on display at this year's Paris Air Show. The upgrades extend the aircraft operational life, reduce ownership costs and provide for higher crew efficiency and operational capability.

The upgraded C-130 system improves flight safety and crew efficiency by reducing the pilots' workload. It uses an advanced display system and integrates the data presented to the crew, allowing them to concentrate on the operational and flight-safety tasks. The avionics system meets all Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) requirements.

The centralised, open architecture approach used for the C-130 avionics system is based on a single operational software programme which is the only software that needs to be updated to integrate new systems. This approach provides flexibile use of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) elements and allows the avionics package to be tailored to meet the customer's exact requirements.

The display system consists of four 6 x 8 inch Multi Functional Colour Displays (MFD), which integrate and present the required data for each mission phase. Each display can show data from any combination of sensors. Any crewmember can create his/her desktop environment to achieve the optimum task distribution, teamwork and cockpit resource management within the crew-station.

After its first exposure to the public at the India Air Show in February 2001 IAI has brought its upgraded Mi-17 Demonstrator to the Paris Air Show.

The Mi-17 upgrade package, designated "Peak-17", has an advanced "Glass Cockpit" and includes a state-of-the-art modular Avionics System, an Electronic Warfare Suite and a flexible armament package.

The upgrade package transforms the original Mi-17 cockpit, into modern computerised crew stations, utilising multifunction electronic display that provide the crew with the relevant information for each specific segment of their mission.

The Tactical Upgrade Package offered by IAI/LAHAV expands the helicopter's mission envelope by providing full capabilities at night and in adverse weather conditions, while significantly improving the helicopter's battlefield survivability.


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