Sukhoi Features Large Choice of Aircraft at MAKS-2001

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Sukhoi Features Large Choice of Aircraft at MAKS-2001

At MAKS-2001 Air Shows, the Sukhoi Corporation has for the first time presented a comprehensive exhibit, which in addition to its in-house projects, featured the products of the corporation`s 25 affiliated plants such Saturn, the Novosibirsk aero-industrial association and a similar association in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

According to Sukhoi`s DG Mikhail Pogosyan, the corporation has presented an entirely different concept: ``a single development concept incorporating modernization and post-sale support of aircraft, creation of a fifth-generation aviation complex and access to the market of civil aviation.``

``Today is a day of the entire Sukhoi constellation,``` Air Force Commander Army General Anatoly Kornukov declared at a press conference to mark the presentation of the Sukhoi exhibit at the MAKS-2001 air show. He maintains that when Russia`s Air Force commissioned SU-27 and SU-30 aircraft of various modifications, this was a landmark event in the development of Russia`s Air Force.

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