Volga Dnepr, Engine Makers Clench Deal to Save IL-76

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Volga Dnepr, Engine Makers Clench Deal to Save IL-76

MAKS-2001 - Zhukovsky Russia`s top cargo airline Volga Dnepr, Perm Engines and JSC Aviadvigatel signed today a memorandum of intentions to equip Ilyushin IL-76 cargo aircraft with PS-90A-76 engines, a spokesman for the airline reported to AVIA.RU.

Pursuant to the memorandum, one of the two Volga Dnepr`s Ilyushin IL-76s will be soon fitted with new PS-90A-76 engines, which virtually meet the new ICAO noise and emission regulations.

``The deal is deemed as the first practical step of the Russian cargo airline community towards saving of Ilyushin IL-76 plane`` Volga Dnepr`s DG Aleksey Isaiykin pointed out.

Introduction of the new stricter ICAO noise and emission regulations effective from April 2002 will ban IL-76 flights in Europe. The project for saving IL-76 aircraft was initiated early this year by UK`s Air Cargo News with a proactive support of Volga Dnepr.

Ilyushin IL-76 is a unique cargo plane equipped with a rear-loading ramp, which avoids the need for use of special cargo loading and ground equipment. Il-76, therefore, plays a key role in humanitarian operations all over the world, including aerial support for areas of natural disasters and transportation of UN`s relief supplies to the third world countries. IL-76 accounts for nearly 90 % of all emergency cargoes, most of which could not be transported on Western cargo planes at all.

According to Yury Reshetnikov, General Director, Perm engine plant, the modernized IL-76s could be safely operated for another fifteen years.
Aviadvigatel is currently completing certification of PS-90A-76, which is financed by Volga Dnepr. The Perm engine plant pledges to shortly deliver five new engines to Volga Dnepr at a lower price to minimize timelines and costs for introduction of a first PS-90A-76-powered IL-76 into service. In addition, the plant will supply necessary performance data for PS-90A076 engines and organize required maintenance support.

Pursuant to the terms of the deal, Aviadvigatel and Perm Engine Plant will provide the maintenance and design support for the acquired engines during their flight tests and commercial operation. The engine makers will also work to improve reliability, efficiency and extend the lifetime of PS-90A-76 engines during their operation.

The world Ilyushin IL-76 fleet consists of approximately 200 aircraft operated by the both Russian and foreign airlines.

By Roman Gusarov AVIA.RU
In knowledge we trust!  

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