Aeroflot Negotiating Domestic Aircraft Buys

IL Serge Pod #17.08.2001 09:20

Serge Pod


Aeroflot Negotiating Domestic Aircraft Buys

The Russian flagship airlines Aeroflot is engaged in active talks at the ongoing MAKS-2001 airshow outside Moscow with Russian aircraft producers on filling out its fleet with domestically-built planes.

First Deputy General Director at Aeroflot Anatoly Volymerets has told Interfax that his company has reached strategic agreement with the leasing company Ilyushin-Finance under which Aeroflot confirms its preparedness to consider leasing some new cargo-hauling Il-96-400Ts. The company is talking seriously with KB Tupolev about Tu-334 aircraft for local usage.

Aeroflot is also negotiating with the company Sukhoi and the Ilyushin aviation complex on a project for a new regional airplane, Volymerets added.

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