Atlant-Soyuz Eyes Buying Five PS-90A Engines

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IL Serge Pod #12.08.2001 22:27

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Atlant-Soyuz Eyes Buying Five PS-90A Engines

Atlant-Soyuz is looking to buy at least five PS-90A engines from Perm Engines at the forthcoming MAKS-2001 Air Show in Zhukovsky, Stanislav Leychenko, DG reported. The carrier contemplates installing the four engines on its first IL-96-400 cargo plane refurbished at a production line in Voronezh. The remaining engine will be used as a back-up.

According to Leychenko, Atlant-Soyuz and Perm Engines had already agreed and signed off on the conditions of the deal, aiming to sign the accord on August 15 or August 17 during the Air Show.

The first two engines will be delivered straight after signing of the deal, with the others to follow soon. By estimate, refurbishment of IL-96T to IL-96-400 version will take 6-7 months.

Ilyushin IL-96-400 boasts practically the same performance as IL-96T but costs twice less. IL-96-400`s price tag is 40 mln US dollars apiece, compared to 40 mln US dollars per IL-96T.

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