Upgraded Su-35 on Display at MAKS

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IL Serge Pod #12.08.2001 22:18

Serge Pod


Upgraded Su-35 on Display at MAKS

In the opinion of Vladimir Babak, Chief Designer, Sukhoi Design Bureau, the current fleet of Su-35 Scorpion strike fighters needs an urgent upgrade to improve the accuracy of bombing by three to four times. Babak has come to that conclusion, based on the experience of using Su-25 strike fighters against Chechen guirillas in the North Caucuses.

According to Babak, an upgraded example of Su-25 is in the final assembly at a production line in Kubinka. The modernized aircraft will be featured at Sukhoi`s stand during the MAKS 2001 Air Show in Zhukovsky.

The plane`s fighting capabilities reportedly increased fivefold over the non-modernized version.

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