New Generation of Russian Fighter Aircraft to Be on The Job in 2010

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New Generation of Russian Fighter Aircraft to Be on The Job in 2010

The first experimental fighter aircraft of a new generation will be created and flight- tested in 2005-2006 and will be adopted for service in 2010, General of the Army Anatoliy Kornukov, the air force commander-in-chief, told a news conference at the MAKS-2001 airshow on Thursday [16 August].

He said the tactical and technical assignment for the aircraft has been worked out and endorsed, and the industry started developing the technological outlook of the aircraft.

It has not yet been defined but most probably it will combine the best of what has been achieved under programmes for S-37 aircraft of the Sukhoy design bureau and a multifunctional fighter aircraft of the MiG corporation, the air force commander-in-chief said.

Kornukov believes the fighter aircraft of the fifth generation will be created by all Russian aircraft construction design bureaus with the leading role of the Sukhoy bureau.

This is explained by the fact that the Sukhoy designers made the biggest progress in the modernization of the fighter aircraft of the fourth generation.

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