Safire S-26 Sells Out First Year Positions (eng+img)

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Safire S-26 Sells Out First Year Positions

Safire Aircraft Company, West Palm Beach, Florida announced that the Safire S-26 has received what it believes to be an unprecedented level of interest from the aviation world.

The 6-place S-26 Personal Jet has sold out year-1 production capacity in only 4 months, the company stated last week.

"We had a tremendous reply from early adopters, mostly pilots, who put down a deposit for the S-26," said Michael Margaritoff, Safire CEO. "We progressed with a very limited test-marketing program, and to our surprise we were flooded with orders. After reviewing our production schedule we realized that year-1 production capacity has been sold out."

Safire Aircraft Company will accelerate the manufacturing schedule to meet the high demand and anticipates needing production capacity of 1,000 aircraft per annum by 2006.

Safire Aircraft Company is manufacturing a family of personal jets, including the S-26, a 6-place twin turbofan jet selling for $800,000. Safire is now offering Year-2 delivery positions.

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