Россия может создать технологию преодоления Американского ракетного щи

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Russia can develop technology to counter US missile shield: Sergeyev

MOSCOW, Dec 9 (AFP) - 16:55 GMT - Russia could develop in a few years missile prototypes capable of piercing Washington's much-touted missile defense shield, Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev said in a newspaper Thursday.
"Russia could produce deterrent missile prototypes a few years from now, proving amongst other things that the construction of an anti-missile defence system in the United States would be in vain," Defence Minister Igor Sergeyev wrote in the Russian daily Krasnaya Zvezda.

The United States wants to develop a missile defense shield to protect its territory from attacks by hostile countries like Iran and North Korea, which are developing long-range missiles.

Washington is seeking changes to the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty to forge ahead with the military project but Moscow has steadfastly opposed amending the document.

Sergeyev insisted that the US project was seen by Moscow as "aimed at neutralizing Russia's strategic nuclear potential," and went on to warn the US government that "a new arms race" should be avoided all costs.

"Despite all the upsets of the last decade, Russia still has a security margin that allows it to equip its forces with new arms," wrote the minister.

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