Китай начинает производить снаряды Краснополь и Кранополь - М

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http://www.kanwa.com/free/9920/kra-m.jpg [not image]
Китай начинает производство под руководством российских специалистов. In the field of the ground force equipment, the cooperation is focused on the technology transaction of the precise guided weapons. Since the start of 1997, Russian Rosvoorouzhenie and KBP Instrument Design Bureau together have transferred the production technology of two kinds of guided artillery projectiles with laser illumination of target system. At present, China has started to produce KRASNOPL-M and KRASNOPOL laser guided artillery projectile systems under the directions of Russian experts. These two kinds of weapons can be launched by 152/155 mm self-propelled gun or towed artillery, being used to destroy solid underground defense bunkers, tanks, and armored vehicles. KRASNOPOL has a fire range of 20 km, a weight of 50 kg, a length of 1300 mm. It can carry two kinds of warheads; high explosive and fragmentation. The warhead has a weight of 20.5 kg, an explosive weight of 6.5 kg, with an anti-tank range of 7 km. KRASNOPOL-M used mainly to attack tank is upgraded from KRASNOPOL. It also has fire rang of 20 km, but a less weight of 45 kg, a length of 995 mm, a warhead weight of 19 kg, and an explosive weight of 6 kg. It has the same standard as NATO's system. (Kanwa news by Andrei Pinkov)

Воистину, все дороги ведут в Китай.

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