New F-16A/B Glass Cockpit From ST Aero

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AA 2000: New F-16A/B Glass Cockpit From ST Aero
By Edward James/Singapore

SINGAPORE (February 24, 2000) - One of the world's most potent and successful fighters, the F-16A/B is getting a new dashboard. That is the message from Singapore Technologies Aerospace (ST Aero).

The glass cockpit upgrade from ST Aero brings together a range of state of the art avionics from various international suppliers to offer the F-16 A/B a new lease of life.

Dubbed Falcon ONE, the package incorporates weapon delivery and navigation systems which will "reduce pilot workload significantly" say ST Aero executives.

Three multi function colour displays give the pilot a "gods eye" view of the world claim ST Aero.

The package also includes a moving map display, infra red imagery projection onto a wide-angle heads up display plus a helmet mounted "look and kill" capability.

ST Aero and Lockheed Martin put the potential market for the upgrade at 400 aircraft.

At the same ST Aero has signed off on a deal to perform freighter conversions for Boeing on DC10/MD11 aircraft.

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