BAE SYSTEMS Knighthelm IHS wins European contract

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BAE SYSTEMS Knighthelm IHS wins European contract

8 March 2000

BAE SYSTEMS have received a 'major' European contract for its Knighthelm Integrated Helmet System (IHS), which has been specifically designed for helicopter mission profiles. The Knighthelm system, designed in conjunction with Teldix GmbH of Heidelberg, has beaten competition from Sextant Avionique of France for the contract.

The IHS is designed to allow the pilot to fly nap-of-the-earth, by day or night and in all weather conditions. The IHS also provides accurate cueing and delivery of weapons on the helicopter.

The Knighthelm system provides a fully integrated modular helmet mounted display for both day and night operation. For night operation and in low visibility, the helmet provides a binocular display of either intensified night vision from the built in Image Intensifier tubes, or video imagery from a steerable Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR) sensor. These images are overlaid with symbology to provide the pilot with all the required information for safe flying and weapon aiming.

Sensors and weapons are slaved by the helmet system using BAE SYSTEMS' Advanced Head Tracking System for deriving the pilot's line of sight. This system allows the user to deliver weapons using only the Helmet Mounted Display.

BAE SYSTEMS Helmet Mounted Display systems are designed for both fixed and rotary wing platforms. Current major programmes include a Helmet Mounted Display for Eurofighter Typhoon, now in full development; the Stricker Helmet Mounted Display for the US marine Corps AH-1Z upgrade programme, also in full development and the Stricker Helmet Mounted Sighting Systems for Jaguar, which is now in service.

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