Turkish glass cockpit S70A in flight test

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Turkish glass cockpit S70A in flight test

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31 March 2000

The first S70A-28D Turkish Glass Cockpit BLACK HAWK helicopter made its initial flight last month. Over the next 14 months, Sikorsky will deliver 30 glass cockpit BLACK HAWKs to the Turkish Land Forces (TLF) and eight glass cockpit SEAHAWKs to the Turkish Navy (TN). During the same time period, Sikorsky will re-configure the 20 TLF BLACK HAWKs delivered in 1999 to the glass cockpit configuration in Ankara, Turkey.

In mid-1998, Sikorsky and the Republic of Turkey agreed to incorporate a Sikorsky/Rockwell Collins glass cockpit into eight Turkish SEAHAWKs and in February 1999 they finalized the agreement to incorporate the glass cockpit into 50 Turkish BLACK HAWKs.

The foundation of the cockpit system is four Multi-function Displays (MFDs) for presentation of pilotage and mission system information and two Control Display Units (CDUs) for flight and mission management. Initially, the MFD and CDU hardware is being supplied by Rockwell Collins.

Further into the program, a Turkish avionics company, Aselsan, will also be supplying MFDs and CDUs under a production license agreement with Rockwell Collins. The system functionality within the MFDs and CDUs and the development of the integrated cockpit through the incorporation of all of the other aircraft systems has been produced by Sikorsky and Rockwell Collins.

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