Joint Strike Fighter Engine Ready To Fly



Joint Strike Fighter Engine Ready To Fly

by Jim Mathews

05/25/00 06:59:49 AM U.S. EDT

Enginemaker Pratt & Whitney’s JSF119 engine for the Joint Strike Fighter has finished flight clearance testing in time for this summer’s JSF concept demonstrator flight tests, P&W reports this morning.

“The engines are no longer concepts, or designs that need to be proven – they are real engines that are ready to be flown. They have done exceedingly well in ground testing that’s required for flight certification,” says P&W JSF119 Program Director Bob Cea.

Boeing engine JSF119-614 and Lockheed Martin engine JSF119-611 went through performance testing at all power ranges within their full flight envelopes. Altitude testing at the USAF’s Arnold Engineering and Development Center essentially clearing the conventional takeoff as well as short take-off/vertical landing (STOVL) engines for up-and-away flight. Sea level accelerated mission tests at P&W’s West Palm Beach, Fla., test facilities demonstrated engine durability for both CTOL and CV (carrier-based) variants.

Both engines have been installed in their respective demonstrator aircraft and overall aircraft systems checks are well underway . P&W says JSF119s also continue to perform well in ground testing of the Boeing and Lockheed Martin STOVL propulsion systems.

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