India buys T-90S tanks, upgrades Russian fighters

?? Serge Pod #21.05.2000 13:03

Serge Pod


17 May 2000

Indian Defence Minister George Fernandes told parliament yesterday that agreement was close on the sale of Russian T-90S to the Indian Army. India is to get 124 Russian made T-90S and a license to build 186 in country, at a cost of approximately US$ 700 million.

The Defence Minister also commented on other possible arms deals, including the possibility of indigenous production of multi- purpose Su-30 fighters by the end of this year. Ina an agreement signed in 1996 India is to get 40 fighters of this type and, last year, agreed to buy a further ten.

Two Indian MiG-21BIS fighters, which have been upgraded in Russia, have been test flown. Six of the 36 sets of upgrade equipment due this year have been delivered. Eventually India will upgrade all 125 of its MiG-21BIS, extending their service life to the end of the decade

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