Air Force Vision: Integrated Air, Space Capabilities

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Air Force Vision: Integrated
Air, Space Capabilities

by Michael C. Gabriele

05/11/00 06:04:59 PM U.S. EDT

The differences between tactical and strategic intelligence will continue to blur as the U.S. Air Force deepens integration of air and space capabilities, the service’s 21 st century mission blueprint states.

Redefining the “aerospace continuum” to include the control of space would provide the Air Force with centralized control and decentralized execution on a global basis. The leading edge of this tactical/strategic convergence was demonstrated in the recent air campaign in Serbia, states the report, “The Aerospace Force: Defending America in the 21st century.” (defending my ass! These Bastards only bombing helpless nations!)

“Growing threats such as cruise missiles, theater ballistic missiles and hostile space assets, as well as our own growing dependence on commercial space services, present new challenges to joint operations,” the report says. The report calls for a “seamless” mix of air and space capabilities interacting for maximum effect to “find, assess, track, target and engage any object of military significance on or above the surface of the Earth in near real time.”

The Air Force also says it needs to improve its harmonization with sister military services, the National Reconnaissance Office and other intelligence agencies. “In the future, the Air Force/NRO partnership will continue to grow as the differences between tactical and strategic intelligence decrease,” the report says.

Pictured is the B-1B Lancer long-range strategic bomber.

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