House Lawmakers Cut Joint Strike Fighter Budget

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House Lawmakers Cut
Joint Strike Fighter Budget

by Robert Wall

05/12/00 10:16:52 AM U.S. EDT

The U.S. military’s Joint Strike Fighter development program was dealt another blow Thursday when House defense appropriators decided to cut the Pentagon’s budget request by $150 million to $706 million.

It comes only a day after Senate defense authorizers reduced the program’s budget by $170 million. Both committees said they took the money because they believe next year’s contract award to JSF competitors Boeing and Lockheed Martin will be delayed. The Senate also had some concerns about the technical maturity of the program. However, more congressional budget deliberations will take place in the coming weeks, and Pentagon and industry officials believe the money may be restored.

Another major decision by House appropriators concerned the F-22. The subcommittee, which last year wanted to take all production money out of the program, this year decided to fully fund the U.S. Air Force’s budget request for the stealth fighter.

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