NATO Gets Report Critical Of Missile Defense



NATO Gets Report
Critical Of Missile Defense

by Robert Wall

05/05/00 05:09:17 PM U.S. EDT

A group of former government officials and arms control experts have given NATO members a report sharply critical of the U.S. national missile defense plans. The Lawyers Alliance for World Security presented their report at a meeting of NATO parliamentarians in Slovenia.

The missile defense effort will “interfere with international efforts to stem proliferation, destabilize relations with China and Russia,” the report said. The report comes at a critical time as the U.S. is struggling to get backing for the program from its allies.

Many European allies fear it will weaken the U.S. commitment to the transatlantic alliance and strain relations with Russia. The White House later this year is slated to decide whether to proceed with NMD to develop and build an operational system that would be ready in 2005.

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