Need help locating a WWII airbase

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?? Hasso the Boxhead #20.05.2000 05:59

Hasso the Boxhead

Hello all! Someone in the POW/MIA office is looking for the name and
location of a Russian Air Force Base near Kaliningrad that might not be in
operation today. They are looking for the remains of the first cold-war
shootdown of Americans over Russia and have had second-hand information of
a Americans buried in a cemetery on that air base. According to their
sources, the air base is or was located near the highway between Gvardeysk
(21 degrees east) and Sovetsk (22 degrees east). The copy of the map they
gave me doesn't have the latitude but it is right near the water. The
current highway number is A216. Can anyone give any information or websites where more information is available? Replies in russian are welcome, my computer is not set up for cyrillic, but I am. Thanx!!!

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