DASA Plans Upgrade For Canadair Drone



DASA Plans Upgrade For Canadair Drone

06/07/00 08:26:15 AM U.S. EDT

BERLIN – DASA subsidiary Dornier is planning a substantial upgrade to the CL-289 tactical reconnaissance drone it developed with

Bombardier/Canadair and delivered to the German armed forces in 1992.

The low-level fast-flying drone has been successfully used in Bosnia (pictured) and Kosovo, and by the end of last year had notched more than 200 missions in Kosovo.

Core of the upgrade kit, unveiled here at the ILA 2000 air show, will be a totally new fully electronic digital sensor system. This consists of a high resolution camera, and

special infrared sensors for day and night missions. All-weather capability will be provided by a synthetic aperture radar.

Courtesy Aviation Week’s ShowNews

p.s. If you don't believe, then you can take a look at it at Yugoslavian Aviation Museum along other successfully used NATO hardware.

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