Taiwan To Buy $350M Of U.S. Weapons Equipment

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Taiwan To Buy $350M
Of U.S. Weapons Equipment

by Ted Gogoll

06/07/00 07:19:17 PM U.S. EDT

The Pentagon said Taiwan is buying about $350 million worth of weapons equipment, including Pathfinder/Sharpshooter and electronic countermeasure pods to improve defensive and navigation capabilities on its F-16s (pictured). Along with the equipment, the sale includes flight testing, spare and repair parts and personnel training.

Raytheon Co.’s Electronic Systems Division, Goleta, Calif., is the prime contractor for 48 An/ALQ-184 electronic countermeasure pods, which includes three years of technical support. The pods, in total worth about $122 million, will jam enemy anti-aircraft radar signals.

Lockheed Martin, Orlando, Fla., is providing 39 sets of Pathfinder/Sharpshooter pods, which include a laser-designator feature. Taiwan is paying about $234 million for the pods to enhance low-altitude navigation on F-16s.

The Pentagon said there will be no adverse affect on U.S. defense readiness as a result of the sale. And the equipment “will not affect the basic military balance in the region.”

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p.s. When asked, President of Taiwan told the reporters that the weapons are needed to promote the democracy thru-out the region. (not really)

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