Germans Taking First EC 135 For Tiger Training

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Germans Taking First EC 135 For Tiger Training

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06/09/00 10:01:42 AM U.S. EDT

BERLIN--Heeresflieger, the German Army air arm, is preparing to take delivery of its first Eurocopter EC 135s light twin helicopters, to begin pilot training for the Tiger multirole combat helicopter (left).

The Heeresflieger has 15 EC 135s on order, with deliveries due to begin within the next two months. The EC 135 (pictured at right) has a full ‘glass’ cockpit by Sextant Avionique, essential for preparing combat pilots to fly and fight in the advanced Eurocopter Tiger.

The EC 135 is becoming popular with governments and agencies--the Kuwait Interior Ministry recently bought two, and Portugal is the first to order the military version, the EC 635.

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