Cohen: Russia's Missile Plan No Substitute For NMD



Cohen: Russia's Missile Plan
No Substitute For NMD

by Robert Wall

06/09/00 04:26:40 PM U.S. EDT

The U.S. would view a boost-phase missile defense system developed in cooperation with Russia as an adjunct for an American national missile defense system, not as a replacement, according to Pentagon chief William Cohen. Russian President Vladimir V. Putin recently appeared to have suggested a cooperative program, but U.S. national security officials are still not certain what kind of system the Russian leader meant. “So conceivably, depending upon the nature of what the Russians have in mind, it might be a complement to, but not a substitute for [NMD],” Cohen said while traveling to NATO headquarters in Brussels. As part of his trip to NATO, Cohen met with allied defense ministers to try to address their concerns about the U.S. missile defense effort, which is opposed by many European countries for fear it will destabilize relations with Russia.

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