French plane landed at Baghdad

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On Friday September 22, French airplane landed at "Saddam" airport in Baghdad symbolizing the fall of embargo against Iraq set almost 10 years ago, Associated Press reports.
The airliner carried about 60 passengers most of which were doctors, sportsmen etc. The flight was made despite the embargo set by UN in 1991. France ignored UN's demands to request the official approval prior to making its flight.
French spokesman said that most of passengers were doctors and therefore the journey can not be considered illegal.
French visitors belong to the "French committee of Industrial and Cultural development" organization which is speaking up against sanction set by UN. Artists planned to participate at the international music festival, doctors to visit Iraqi hospitals, and athletes to compete with its Iraqi counterparts.
Russia also plans to send its aircraft today (saturday) with humanitarian support which is heavily opposed by USA that opposes any kind of potential help to Iraqi civilians.

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