China will not buy the Russian Ka-50 because of their own WZ-10.

?? Serge Pod #10.11.2000 23:14

Serge Pod


Short translation:
From MingPao newspaper

According to the Russian personnel during
the Zhuhai airshow 2000. Russia has been
informed by China that they have no desire
to import the Russian ka-50 attack helo. But
still contemplating on the IL-78 deal. China
already have H-6 for their mid-air refueling
role, it have advanced Russian electronics
and radar system on board. But the range and
Payload is smaller then that of the IL-78.
The main reason why China declined to
import Ka-50 from Russia was because they
have develop their own attack helo almost
on par with the Ka-50 in terms of overall
performance. And it's alot cheaper then
the $20 million per Ka-50 price tag. WZ-10
can also carry more then 10 air to air and
air to ground missiles, but with lighter
weight compare to the Ka-50. The only part
of WZ-10 was imported from Russia is the
Ka-50's uniquely designed ejection seat.

Side note, the Second SOV destroyer will
be delivery to China on Nov-25-2000.

In knowledge we trust!  

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