Indian Navy awaits Backfire arrival




Indian Navy will soon receive 4 reconnaissance Tu-22 jets from Russia. Within the next 3-4 years, HACC "Admiral Gorshkov" will enter service, and talks on that deal is in their final stage. This was reported on Sunday by the head of Indian Navy, admiral Sushil Kumar.
Indian Naval Fleet is in desperate need of new highly-advanced combat vessels due to significant hike in missions assigned to it recently. Admiral mentioned that despite recent positive tendecies towards global peace, situation in Indian ocean remains unstable. Instability in Southern Asia forces India to maintain high-rate of combat readiness of its forces.
According to S. Kumar, India will persist with its efforts to create massive Naval fleet for guaranteed stability in sea. Republic is preparing to launch its own aircraft carrier. India also continues heavy funding of the project of first Indian nuclear submarine.
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Энтузиаст реактивного движения

Вот только фотка левая, Индии Ту-22М предлагаются, а не Ту-22 :)

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