Russia`s New Rocket Engine to Go on Firing Trials in Q1 2001

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Russia`s New Rocket Engine to Go on Firing Trials in Q1 2001

The local Energomash JS is completing a new rocket engine prototype built on an
order from the Khrunichev research and production center, Energomash Chief
Specialist Vladimir Sudakov said on Friday.

The RD-191 engine will go on firing trials in the first quarter of 2001, Sudakov
told the Military News Agency. The company has fully solved financial and
technical problems that delayed the trials, originally scheduled for late 2000,
he said.

A full-size model of the RD-191 engine, which is being designed for the first
stage of Russia`s Angara booster rockets, was delivered to the Khrunichev center
for integration with the booster`s interface in March 1999. It was successfully
exhibited at the Le Bourget air show together with the booster later in the

RD-191 is a single-chamber oxygen-kerosene engine with the thrust of some 200t
and high energy characteristics. It is designed on the basis of RD-170 and
RD-171 four-chamber engines, mounted on Energia and Zenit rockets respectively.
The new engine differs from RD-170 and RD-171 by having a new turbo-driven pump
assembly, operated by a gas generator. Thrust vector control is effected by
means of the combustion chamber`s hunting in two dimensions.

According to Sudakov, Energomash will carry out firing trials at its own bench
base in Khimki.

/Military News Agency/
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