Вот что можно сделать из обычного DC-3

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Вот что можно сделать из обычного DC-3... :)



The original Turbo-Three airframe was converted by John Conroy's Specialized Aircraft Company into the Tri-Turbo-Three. It was equipped with three 1,174-horsepower, Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-45 turboprops driving five-bladed propellers. Its registration was changed to N23SA. The cruise speed of the Tri-Turbo-Three was increased to 230 miles per hour. The nose engine could be shut down to increase its range at a reduced cruise speed of 180 miles per hour.

It made its first flight with three engines on November 2, 1977 and appeared at the 1978 Farnborough Airshow. It is seen here at the Camarillo Airport on December 7, 1981.


In early May 1986 workers at the Santa Barbara Airport accidentally ignited a fire in the cockpit of the Tri-Turbo-Three. The cockpit section of the airplane was destroyed in the blaze. This photograph was taken on May 9, 1986.

http://www.west.net/~brianl/.../198702 Tri-Turbo-Three b m.jpg [not image]

The Tri-Turbo-Three was re-assembled with a replacement fuselage.

Про другие турбовинтовые переделки DC-3 можно почитать тут - Goleta Air and Space Museum: Conroy Turboprop Conversions

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