Upgraded Su-25 `Scorpion` Makes Maiden Flight in Tbilisi

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Upgraded Su-25 `Scorpion` Makes Maiden Flight in Tbilisi

Elbit Systems Ltd., the defense electronics company, and TAM, the Georgian
aircraft manufacturer, today jointly announced the upgrading of the Su-25
aircraft with an advanced avionics system including Weapon Delivery and
Navigation System /WDNS/. The upgraded Su-25 ``Scorpion`` made its official
maiden flight today at the TAM airfield in Tbilisi, Georgia. The flight ceremony
was attended by Eduard Shevardnadze, the president of Georgia, senior government
and military officials and representatives from Elbit Systems and TAM.

The Su-25 is a Close Air Support /CAS/ aircraft that can carry a variety of
weapons on ten underwing pylons. The upgraded Su-25 ``Scorpion`` is equipped
with advanced systems complying with ICAO requirements. A state-of-the-art
cockpit with two, 6 X 8 inch, multi-colored LCD displays and a Head-Up Display
/HUD/ had offered enhanced situational awareness and all-weather capabilities.
This expands the operational use of the Su-25 and enhances flight safety. The
new avionics system provides accurate navigation and precise weapon delivery
capabilities and is designed to handle both Eastern-type and Western-type
weapons and pods. The ``Scorpion`` brings the Su-25 operational performance and
versatility to a standard, which fits the requirements of the modern battlefield
and the needs of potential customers.

The Su-25 ``Scorpion`` will be displayed in flight and on the ground at the
Paris Air Show in June 2001.

TAM, the original manufacturer of the Su-25, has produced more than 800 aircraft
that are in use by many customers.


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