SKoreans Study Russian Ka-52 Helicopters

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SKoreans Study Russian Helicopters

A military delegation of South Korea has arrived in Moscow to study the
production and practical use of multi-purpose helicopters Ka-52 which compete in
tenders in South Korea, a spokesman for the Russian military-industrial sector
told Itar-Tass on Tuesday. The South Korean delegation plans to stay in Russia
for a month to study the helicopter equipment, its practical use and
possibilities for training pilots and maintenance personnel.

Military experts from South Korea will visit the Kamov company, manufacturing
plants, the Army Aviation Training Center in the town of Torzhok and military
schools. The Korean delegation will monitor show flights, including shooting
exercises and launchings of guided anti-tank missiles from the Ka-50 helicopter.
The delegation will familiarise itself with documentation on technical
parameters of the helicopters and visit training facilities.

In the second stage of the tenders scheduled for May-June the two sides are to
coordinate the assessments of the possibilities of the helicopter and equipment
on board. The culmination of the second stage of the tenders will be a visit to
South Korea by a group of Russian experts who will confirm the possibilities of
the helicopter's systems in documents.

A third stage of the tenders is planned for September, when the government
defines the winner of the tenders. A contract on the helicopter deal is to be
signed in December.

There are currently only two participants in the tenders the Boeing ``Apachi
Longbow`` and Kamov ``Ka-52``.

By Nikolai Novichkov /Itar-Tass/
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