Sukhoi Begins Flight Tests of A New Agricultural Plane

IL Serge Pod #07.08.2001 20:16

Serge Pod


Sukhoi Begins Flight Tests of A New Agricultural Plane

Russia`s Sukhoi corporation which is famous for its combat planes has begun flight tests of a light agricultural aircraft, the SU-38L.

The new plane will be put on view together with other newcomers at the MAKS-2001 international aerospace show in Zhukovsky just outside of Moscow from August 14-19.

Its production in series is expected to begin in November 2002, Sukhoi Corporation press secretary Yury Chevakov told Itar-Tass on Thursday.

The Su-38L was developed as a replacement of the ageing agricultural aviation fleet of Russia and other CIS countries. It will serve to effectively disperse modern chemicals over farm fields, using an environmentally-friendly method that will disperse between five and 30 litres of chemicals in tiny particles per one hectare. It can also disperse dry chemicals and come in handy in doing other kinds of farming work.

The Su-38L`s take-off weight is 1,200 kg, its cruise speed is between 150 and 189 km/hr and it can fly at altitudes ranging from one to 15 km. Its tank for chemicals can hold 500 litres. Its effective service life is 10 years.

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