PO Strela Completing Assembly of Ka-226 Helicopter

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IL Serge Pod #04.12.2001 09:28

Serge Pod


PO Strela Completing Assembly of Ka-226 Helicopter

The assembly of the Ka-226 helicopter for the Ministry of Emergency Situations ``MChS``, which will be used for medical purposes, is being completed in the PO Strela shops.

As GTRK Orenburg reports, at the beginning of December there will be tests and the aircraft will be sent off to the recipient. This is the first helicopter that the Orenburg defense workers are manufacturing in series production. And a second helicopter is in the final stage of assembly, also a rescue variant for the MChS. The plant personnel have put five more aircraft on the assembly line for the rescuers.

In future plans is the manufacture of helicopters for gas workers, for which there is a corresponding agreement. The Ka-226 light helicopter is popular because of its technical characteristics. The passenger capacity is 8 people, the payload is 8 tonnes, and the flight range reaches 620 kilometers.

By Roy Cochrun


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