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IL Serge Pod #17.01.2002 18:20

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LAPIK to Deliver Three Il-103 Aircraft to Laos

According to the Commercial Director of the Lukhovitsy Aviaton Production and Testing Complex /LAPIK/, Valeriy Bredikhin, LAPIK is fulfilling a contract for the delivery of three four-seat Il-103 multirole light airplanes to Laos. All the airplanes for this contract will be delivered during 2002.

Besides that, the signing of a large contract for the delivery of a significant number of Il-103 airplanes is being prepared in one of the Southeast Asian /SEA/ countries. Delivery of airplanes to this non-disclosed SEA country will not be estimated for one year. One can expect the finalized form of the contract at the end of the first quarter of 2002, a source noted.

According to his same information, in all at the present time there are 23 Il-103 airplanes in service, including 4 airplanes in Belorussia and 6 aircraft in Peru. The remaining airplanes are being used in Russia.

The Il-103 airplane is sold at a price of 164,000 - 210,000 dollars each.

Source: 14.01.02, Finmarket Agency

Translated by Roy Cochrun /

RSK MiG to Finance Additional Certification of IL-103 Aircraft

As a department chief of OAO Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Andrey Pupkov, reported, an agreement was signed recently between OAO Ilyushin AK and the Russian Aircraft Building Corporation MiG /RSK MiG/, in accordance with which RSK MiG will take on itself the financing of certification and flight tests of the Il-103 airplane for the purposes of extending its service conditions.

According to Andrey Pupkov, OAO Ilyushin AK has prepared jointly with RSK MiG a plan of measures for extending the service conditions of the Il-103. The participation of RSK MiG in the realization of the program of increasing the technical and service level of the Il-103 airplane is conditioned by the fact that this airplane is produced in series at the Lukhovitsy Aviation Production and Test Complex, which is included structurally in the composition of RSK MiG.

Source: 14.01.02, AviaPort.RU

Translated by Roy Cochrun /

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