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IL Serge Pod #17.01.2002 18:18

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Rosaviakosmos Increased Production of Aircraft by 10 Percent in 2001

The development of the Russian Federation aviation and space industry in recent times is characterized by a steady growth dynamic. According to the General Director of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency, Yuriy Koptev, according to the results of the last year, 14 airplanes were built in the country and 79 helicopters, which is 10 percent more than in 2000.

Yu. Koptev notes that this year, financing of work on the development of civilian aviation will grow 2.3 times. These funds will be concentrated on 3 - 4 basic projects. Among them is work on the Tu-204, Tu-324 and Tu-334 airplanes and also on the PS-90A and PS-90A2 engines.

The growth of the totals of the Russian space branch last year, according to Yu. Koptev, was 5.3 percent. But the quantity of commercial launches at the same time went down. Only three heavy ``Proton`` boosters were launched using the funds of foreign investors. According to Yu. Koptev, this is connected with the overall tendency of the decrease in space launches throughout the world. In the next 5 years, all space powers will make not more than 32 - 32 launches a year into geostationary and 7 - 8 into medium and low orbits, Yu. Koptev thinks.

At the present time, Rosaviakosmos is putting the accent on the Federal space program, the renovation and replenishment of the space force. The global navigational satellite system GLONASS also will receive further development, according to Yu. Koptev. Seventy percent of its satellites are operating today the limits of the technical life time.

Speaking about export programs, Yu. Koptev noted that Rosaviakosmos and the Australian company Asiatic - Pacific Ocean Space Center have concluded a contract for the development of a the ``Aurora`` medium class missile complex with the ``Korvet`` booster and the creation of a cosmodrome on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean for commercial launches. The agency already will set about realization of the project, the head of Rosaviakosmos noted. It is planned that there will be four - five launches annually from this cosmodrome.

In an interview, published in the newspaper ``Vek`` on Friday, Yu. Koptev reports also that negotiations are underway with the European Space Agency on the creation of a launch complex using Russian ``Soyuz`` boosters from the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana /northeast of the shores of South America/. The question of the organization of commercial launches with the aid of the Russo-Ukrainian ``Zenit`` rocket from Baykonur /Kazakhstan/ also is being investigated.

Source: 14.01.02, Interfax-AVN

Translated by Roy Cochrun /

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