RAFAEL introduces 3rd generation advanced Targeting pod

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RAFAEL introduces 3rd generation advanced Targeting pod

RAFAEL is introducing at Farnborough International 2002 an enhanced, 3rd generation version of its Litening targeting pod, which is already utilized by 14 air forces on a wide variety of aircraft. The new system is compatible with all Litening generations and as such, is readily available and operable on a wide range of combat aircraft of Western and Eastern origin. The new pod uses an advanced thermal sensor, based on a focal-plane array of 640x480 detectors, operating at the medium thermal band (3-5м). According to Rafael, the image quality of the FLIR is identical to the CCD. The pod process the video signals in digital video format, thus enabling electronic stabilization and image enhancement, resulting in the presentation of a crisp image, even at extended range. Utilization of digital video also enables advanced processing and future enhancements, already planned for future generations. The new pod also employs a more powerful dual-wavelength laser, which enables unrestricted operations from high altitude and long range. It can also be operated in an eyesafe laser mode for training.
RAFAEL is offering Litening III as a competitor to the new Sniper XR and Pantera targeting pods, designed by Lockheed Martin. Sniper XR was selected as the USAF advanced targeting pod, extending the capabilities of existing Lantirn fleet. USAF National Guards and USMC units have also acquired Litening II and Litening II+ pods from Rafael.

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