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Production of New Ka-60 Military Helicopter Begins

They have begun production of new Russian Ka-60 multirole designated helicopters in the Moscow suburb of Lukhovitsy. As RIA Novosti is reporting, after the completion of the first example and performance of a number of test flights, this helicopter, designed at the well-known Kamov helicopter OKB, will be started in series production.

According to the enterprise`s information, the need for such helicopters at the present time in the Russian army alone is up to 350 aircraft, and its prospects are estimated as very good. The helicopter with a payload of 5 tonnes is called upon to fill a niche in the domestic helicopter fleet, which the Mi-4 - one of the most widely produced and successful first generation aircraft, produced in an ``edition`` of 3,850 examples - occupied previously.

The multirole Ka-60 ``Kasatka`` helicopter is intended for hauling an armed landing party, delivery of weapons and ammunition in the region of combat activities, the evacuation of the wounded, the protection and patrol of the economic zone with basing on board ships, the performance of search and rescue operations, and the instruction and training of flying personnel.

The Ka-60 helicopter is built in a single-rotor scheme with a five-blade main rotor with a diameter of 13.5 meters. The body has improved aerodynamic lines, with large opening for door from both sides and retractable landing gear. The airmen and assault troops are accommodated on anti-crash, shock-absorbing seats.

The power plant include new generation engines developed by the Rybinsk Design Bureau of Motor Building under the management of the General Designer, A.S. Novikov.

Special attention has been given to the means of increasing the combat survivability of the aircraft. All primary systems and parts of the Ka-60 are duplicated, the blades of the rotors can operate even upon receiving several holes.

Technologies are used for lowering of the radar signature.

Development of the Ka-60 began in 1984, when the Kamov OKB won the competition from their colleagues in the Mil firm for the design of a light army helicopter intended for use over the battle ground jointly with the heavier Ka-50 or Mi-28 combat aircraft. In 1990, a full-scale mock-up was built, and in 1997, a prototype of the helicopter - the Ka-60-1. On 29 July 1998, on the territory of the Kamov firm`s flight test station, the presentation of the new multirole Ka-60 helicopter, capable of resolving a broad spectrum of tasks in the interests of the armed forces and other ``force`` departments took place.

Source: 11.01.02, ROL.RU

Translated by Roy Cochrun /http://www.toad.net/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/royfc/today/acft_news.html/

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Боже, ну и язык.
Интересно, этот чувак, автор перевода, пресс-релизы и вообще авиационную прессу на английском читает?
Даже "Военное обозрение" с их крайне небрежным отношением переплюнул.

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