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Есть оказывается такой известный факт.

"Reports of "space stupids" or "space fog", as the feeling of confusion is sometimes known, have been documented for at least two decades. "These are highly trained, highly motivated professionals, so any time they suggest that there might be a change in their cognition, you have to take them seriously"

Нарушается куча когнитивных функций, причём до состояния профнепригодности. А вот это сюрприз: "Spatial disorientation could be especially problematic for astronauts on long space walks during future moon and Mars missions. Apollo 14 astronauts who walked 2 kilometres on the moon became so disorientated that they failed to reach their goal, the Cone crater, before running out of resources. Low gravity - which can impair the brain's visuo-spatial skills - may have been partly to blame."

"crew members of the Apollo missions have reported that when driving lunar rovers, they often misperceived the slopes of terrains and at times felt that the vehicles were overturning when bouncing off craters, causing them to slow down"

"microgravity can induce disorientating illusions that might completely throw an astronaut's judgement. One shuttle pilot reported that having just woken up and removed the shades on the cockpit windows, he found the Earth wasn't where it had been when he went to sleep. This triggered what is called a visual reorientation illusion (VRI), in which the astronaut feels that the surrounding surfaces have flipped - floor becomes ceiling, left becomes right. "You feel a little bit like Alice slipping through the looking glass," says Oman. The shuttle pilot, feeling extremely disorientated, threw up. Besides the physical discomfort, this feeling could lead to serious mistakes, adds Oman. "You are more likely to throw a switch the wrong way, or reach the wrong way for remembered objects."

Факир, помнишь спор про монолит и автоматику? Вот, 1:0 в пользу тупых железок :P

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