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Аэроспейс дейли заявляет, что сша решили не просто избавиться от старого флота ВКП в виде всевозможных J-Stars , но заменить их на беспилотную платформу, которая сможет летать даже в полном опасностей небе ТВД, а не как нынешние - только в безопасном пространстве.

По поводу сего запущена программа на 7 млрд -

“The Air Force remains in source selection for a follow-on to [Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System] as we continue to evaluate alternative approaches for battlefield command and control that could be more effective in high-threat environments,” spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said.

The Air Force seems to have the same debate over the future of the E-8C J-Stars each year: whether to move ahead with a capability similar to the current J-Stars, or port the sensor suite to a platform—likely unmanned—that might be better suited for the modern battlefield. The discussion hinges on this question: With the proliferation of advanced radars and surface-to-air missiles that threaten fourth-generation aircraft, does it make sense to continue using a J-Stars fleet that can only fly in uncontested airspace?

So when the Air Force finally launched the $6.9 billion competition for 17 J-Stars replacement aircraft, industry breathed a sigh of relief. Northrop Grumman is partnered with Gulfstream and L3 Technologies on a G550 business jet proposal; Lockheed Martin is working with Bombardier on an offering based on the Canadian company’s Global 6000 business jet; and Boeing is offering a modified version of its 737-700 commercial airliner.

USAF Weighs Scrapping J-Stars Recap

Just months before the U.S. Air Force is slated to choose an industry team to begin developing a new aircraft to replace its existing battlefield command-and-control and surveillance fleet, the service appears to be considering scrapping the program altogether. //  aviationweek.com

Есть еще статья с вроде бы меньшим обьемом воды и бОльшим информации,


но это только с аккаунтом некоего Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN).

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